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Spring General Meeting

At BUFA's Spring General Meeting on April 27, 2017, the membership voted to support three motions. They are as follows, including follow-up information:

Ad hoc Committee on Member Services Coordinator Position

“That the BUFA membership authorize the BUFA Executive to form an ad-hoc committee (including three executive Members and two non-executive BUFA Members appointed by the Executive) to explore the possibility of establishing a new BUFA position of Member Services Coordinator, with a report including recommendations and position description, if appropriate, to be presented to the Membership at the October 2017 General Meeting.”

  • In the coming weeks, this committee will begin its work. Preliminary research of other faculty associations in Canada indicates two possible directions beyond the status quo: 1) a paid position, either part- or full-time or, 2) a new table officer position. The committee will also consult CAUT.

NUCAUT and BDLC Membership

“That the BUFA membership supports joining NUCAUT and the BDLC at an approximate cost to BUFA of $3400 per year.”

  • We have already begun the membership paperwork with the National Union of CAUT (NUCAUT) and the Brandon and Area District Labour Council (BDLC). Both organizations are very pleased to have us join. Certainly, the arguments made to the BDLC that we work with them and teach their kids struck a chord. We feel this is another step forward in BUFA becoming more of a force in the larger community.

Banners and Signs

“That the membership supports the expenditure (maximum $1,000) to purchase signage for the new BUFA Office, and a banner and signs for use at public events.”

  • Related to the first two motions, we are trying to increase our present at events on- and off-campus. This includes banners signs for use at events and rallies and improved signage for our new office on-campus.


BUFA newsletters are now posted on a new page, linked on the left-side menu. The March edition of the BUFA newsletter is now available.