This page will be updated regularly with all of the information and campaign materials you will need to show you stand behind your negotiating team in demanding a better deal. Buttons, posters, digital assets, petitions, and more, will be available here.


Email Signature Cards

Add a BUFA touch to your email signature by using one of our signature cards! Four messages to choose from, including: “Building a better BU for All”, “Building BU’s Success”, “Fighting for Equality”, or “Fighting for Fairness, Advocating for Change”.
Simply download the PNG file with the message of your choice, then add it to your Outlook (or other) email signature!


Our first poster is ready. Download it here and print it yourself, or fill out the form to order a colour copy.

Talking to Students

We’ve created a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes BUFA’s bargaining positions and how they relate to the student experience. You can use it to help you remember talking points, or show it to students, as you see fit. There’s even a handy QR code at the end that links to our bargaining website.

Sample Email Autoreply

I am in full solidarity with the strike taken by the Brandon University Faculty Association, and will not be responding to emails during job action.

If, like me, you are passionate about fighting for a better BU for all, workload equity, Indigenization, Equity, diversity, and inclusion, and academic freedom, you can find out more about the strike and how to get involved here: 

I will respond to emails following our return to work.

Zoom Backgrounds

Show your support by changing your Zoom background to a BUFA signature! Four to choose from , similar to the email signature cards.
Simply download the JPEG file with the background of your choice and add it to your Zoom!


More to Come

More digital assets coming soon, including:
  • New Posters
  • Social Media assets
  • And more!

Button campaign

Wear an “I stand with BUFA” button to show your support for the negotiating team and send the message that we won’t settle for less than we deserve! Stop by the BUFA Office (McKenzie 002) or use the form below to request your button

Please give us all the information we need, i.e. building and office number.