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October 25, 2011
  • Letter of Support. Anthony Stewart, President, Dalhousie Faculty Association

    The Dalhousie Faculty Association (DFA) supports the striking members of the Brandon University Faculty Association in their quest for fair compensation and improved working conditions.

    The DFA also condemns the aggressive anti-union stand of the Brandon University Administration in contacting BUFA members and urging them to cross the picket line.

    On October 21st our CAUT Defence Fund Trustee, Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird, participated in the flying picket in support of the BUFA.

    Good luck in your continued negotiations, and stay strong and united in seeking a fair agreement with your administration. As a token of our solidarity, we will be sending a cheque for $1000 to the BUFA strike fund.


    Anthony Stewart

    Dalhousie Faculty Association
    6280 South Street
    Halifax, NS B3H 1T8

    Telephone: (902) 494-3722
    Facsimile: (902) 494-6740
    Email: dfa@dal.ca

October 24, 2011
  • BU Mediation to Begin Tuesday.

    Brandon University Faculty Association (BUFA) confirmed late this afternoon that mediation efforts to resolve the contract dispute at Brandon University will commence tomorrow in Winnipeg.

    Negotiators for BUFA will meet with the provincially appointed Mediator, Michael Werier, at 4:30 p.m. in his Winnipeg office.

    In commenting on this development, BUFA President and Chief Negotiator, Joe Dolecki, said, “We are encouraged by the timely appointment of Mr. Werier, and by his eagerness to commence this mediation.”

    “It has always been BUFA’s objective to expeditiously conclude a fair and equitable settlement in this dispute,” he said.

    The strike at Brandon University is in its thirteenth day.

    For further information contact:
    Joe Dolecki, BUFA President 727-9749
    Bill Paton, BUFA Secretary 727-1000

  • Mediator Appointed in BU Dispute.

    Brandon University Faculty Association (BUFA) announced today that they have received confirmation that Michael Werier has been appointed to mediate the contract dispute at Brandon University.

    The appointment was made this morning by the Honourable Jennifer Howard, Minister of Labour, acting on a request from BUFA. Arrangements for the commencement of the mediation process are in process.

    For further information contact:
    Joe Dolecki, BUFA President 727-9749
    Bill Paton, BUFA Secretary 727-1000

  • Strike Mediator Appointment.

    Below is an excerpt from:

    First Session - Fortieth Legislature
    of the
    Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
    Official Report
    Vol. LXIV No. 3 - 1:30 p.m., Monday, October 24, 2011

    The entire report is available here.

    Mr. Reg Helwer (Brandon West): The faculty of Brandon University is now about to enter the third week of a strike. Students and their parents are becoming increasingly distressed at the impact this strike is having. Some students are in the final year at Brandon University, and this is the second strike they have had to work through their–through during their studies. Students fear they will lose an entire semester’s work of their education, an education they have already paid for.

          Can the Minister of Advanced Education indicate whether her government will act in the best interest of students and appoint a mediator?

    Hon. Erin Selby (Minister of Advanced Education and Literacy): I thank the member for the question, and let me welcome him to the Chamber as well.

          Mr. Speaker, we know this is a difficult time for students. We know that their families, of course, as well, want to see them back in the classroom, as do we. And that is why I can inform the member that the Brandon University Faculty Association did request a mediator, in writing, this morning, specifically asking for Michael Werier, and as of noon today I can inform the House that Minister of Labour appointed Mr. Werier as the mediator.

    Mr. Helwer: Can the Minister of Advanced Education explain why it took her government nearly two weeks of academic time to appoint a mediator and move to reconciliation?

    Hon. Jennifer Howard (Minister of Labour and Immigration): I’d like to welcome the member for Brandon West to the House, and I’m sure he’ll have a successful time here. I wish him all the best in his time here.

          I would just like to take the opportunity to clarify for the House how we’ve been participating through this.

          The first thing that we did was to appoint a conciliator, who’s been working with the parties. Our efforts are to ensure that the parties can talk at the table and can come a successful collective agreement. That conciliation has been ongoing.

          At some point in time, it became clear that we needed to move to the next step, which was mediation. I was informed this weekend that they would be looking for a mediator. We moved immediately to secure a mediator and, today, I’ve signed letters appointing Michael Werier as the mediator. And I hope, as I’m sure he does, that Mr. Werier’s efforts will be successful, an agreement will come to conclusion and everybody can get back to work and school in Brandon.

    Mr. Helwer: Mr. Speaker, this strike, the second in three years, can have a devastating effect on students, their studies and the reputation of this fine university. These students have invested their time and their money into their education in the hopes of bettering Brandon and our province. Now they are left with uncertainty and the potential of losing their entire semester.

          What plans are in place to ensure that students are able to meet the requirements to earn their degree should this strike go on much longer?

    Ms. Selby: I thank the member for his question, and understand his concern as is everyone’s concern at this time.

          We would like to see the students where they want to be, back in their classroom. I would point out to the member that the parties are both speaking, and the best thing we can hope for is that they come to a conclusion quickly and get the students back in the classrooms where we know they want to be.

          But, also, I would like to point out, Mr. Speaker, that no term has ever been cancelled at Brandon University because of a labour dispute. There is flexibility that the university has and, at this point, early on, we are confident that the students hopefully will be back in the classroom very shortly. But, in other cases, the university has been able to compress some courses, extend the semester if need be, or even change the times of the exam.

          But, as I said, Mr. Speaker, at this point we still remain hopeful that students will be back in the classroom, as we know they want to be, and we want to see them there.

  • Letter of Support. Alyda Faber, President, ASTFA

    Dear Joe,

    The Atlantic School of Theology Faculty Association will be sending BUFA a cheque for $100 to express our support for your efforts to achieve better working conditions and fair compensation. Our intangible support for your efforts is large and enthusiatic, but our means are small as a union of 10 members.

    You must be encouraged by the support of students at Brandon.

    With our continuing support and best wishes,

    Alyda Faber
    President, ASTFA

    Alyda Faber
    Associate Professor
    Christian Theology and Ethics
    Atlantic School of Theology
    660 Francklyn Street
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3B5
    (902) 423-2242

  • Letter of Support. David Bell, DF Trustee, AUNBT

    The Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers stands with BUFA in resisting the bumbling anti-union actions of its employer. We will join BUFA colleagues today on the Brandon picket line and will present the first of our weekly $1000 support cheques.

    David Bell
    DF Trustee

  • Letter of Support. Shannon Lever, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Committee, Brock University Faculty Association

    The Executive Committee of the Brock University Faculty Association, in harmony with our Strike Donation Policy, will be sending a letter of support and a $1500 cheque to assist our colleagues with their strike efforts.

    In solidarity,

    Shannon Lever
    Shannon Lever
    Administrative Assistant to the Executive Committee
    Brock University Faculty Association (BUFA)
    500 Glenridge Avenue, MC D402
    St. Catharines, Ontario
    L2S 3A1
    Phone: (905) 688-5550 ext. 4643
    Fax: (905) 688-8256

  • Letter of Support. Kimberly A. Benoit, Executive Director, Carleton University Academic Staff Association


    Carleton University Academic Staff Association Steering Committee and Council is pleased to be sending Mark Langer, CAUT Defence Fund Trustee, to participate in a Flying Picket on Friday, October 21st in support of the Brandon University Faculty Association. Our Trustee will present a donation cheque on behalf of CUASA in the amount of $1,500. in solidarity with the strike efforts of colleagues at BUFA.

    CUASA hopes for a quick resolution to the strike through the achievement of a fair settlement and urges the employer to cease contacting individual members of BUFA encouraging them to break their strike and cross picket lines. Should it be necessary we will be sending subsequent donations at the end of each week for the next three weeks according to our Strike Donation Policy. Even further donations will also be considered by CUASA Council should there be a fourth week of action.

    In solidarity,

    Kimberly A. Benoit, B.A.
    Executive Director
    Carleton University Academic Staff Association (CUASA)
    Telephone (613) 520-5607
    Facsimile (613) 520-4426
    2006 Dunton Tower
    Carleton University
    1125 Colonel By Drive
    Ottawa, ON
    K1S 5B6

  • Letter of Support. George Freeman, FAUW President

    The Board of the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo (FAUW) supports the Brandon University Faculty Association in its struggle for a fair settlement. A cheque in the amount of $1000 was mailed yesterday.

    George Freeman, FAUW President

  • Letter of Support. Michelle Forrest, President, MSVUFA

    The Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Association sends our solidarity and a donation of $1000 to support our brothers and sisters on the picket line at Brandon! Your students' union are to be commended for their strong support for Faculty.

    May the weather be fine and negotiations speedy,
    Michelle Forrest
    President MSVUFA

    Michelle Forrest
    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Education
    Mount Saint Vincent University
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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