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October 24, 2011
  • Letter of Support. Peter S. McInnis, President, StFXAUT

    The St Francis Xavier Association of University Teachers supports our colleagues at the University of Brandon. In forwarding a cheque for $1000, we encourage the Brandon University Faculty Association to remain firm in their resolve to resist the aggressive anti-union actions of their employer. This sort of egregious offensive against the basic principles of collective bargaining, and common sense, is indicative of the current North American trend to attack public-sector unions. We stand with BUFA and wish them continued strength.

    In solidarity,

    Peter S. McInnis, PhD
    President, StFXAUT
    Department of History
    St. Francis Xavier University
    PO Box 5000
    Antigonish, Nova Scotia
    B2G 2W5

  • Letter of Support. Luke Bresky, President, St. Mary's University College Faculty Association

    On behalf of the St. Mary's University College Faculty Association, I would like to express our support of the Brandon University Faculty Association in its efforts to negotiate a fair and equitable agreement. Small, non-unionized association though we are, we offer our sincere solidarity and best wishes for a speedy and just settlement.

    Luke Bresky
    St. Mary's University College Faculty Association

  • Letter of Support. Jane Laforge, Administrative Officer, The Faculty Association, The University of Western Ontario


    The Executive at the Faculty Association at the University of Western Ontario has approved a $2000 donation to BUFA in support of your strike action. What address do you want the cheque to be mailed to?


    Jane Laforge
    Administrative Officer

    The Faculty Association
    The University of Western Ontario
    1201 Western Road
    Elborn College, Rm 2120
    London, ON N6G 1H1

    Phone: 519-661-3016
    Fax: 519-661-3946

    email: uwofa@uwo.ca
    web site: www.uwofa.ca

  • Letter of Support. Cindy Yacyshen

    To the members of BUFA,

    I applaud your efforts to be fairly compensated for your services. The students of BU deserve faculty that are provided fair and equitable support for their work and have waited far too long for this to be possible. There are many people who support your position and hope that you continue to stand for what you deserve.

    Cindy Yacyshen

  • Unpublished Letter to the Brandon Sun. Dr. Bill Paton, President of Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations

    To the Editors

    Brandon Sun

    Dear Sirs,

                    In the recent Estimates 2012-13 sent by the Brandon University Board of Governors (Dr. Poff is a full voting member) to the Council on Post-Secondary Education the following statements are made: 

            “Faculty attraction and retention is a significant on-going challenge. Every year, 10-15% of faculty positions turn over. This is similar for other universities in Canada. Brandon University must be able to provide competitive opportunities to recruit new faculty in terms of salaries, benefits, working conditions, classes taught, research dollars, facilities and collaborators because new faculty will be offered those terms by other universities.

           In the latest Statistics Canada data published by the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) it is observed that the average salary (all ranks) at Brandon University are greater than the following: Ambrose University College, Atlantic School of Theology, Canadian University College, Dominican University College, Redeemer University College, St. Paul University, The King’s University College, Universite Sainte-Anne. None of these institutions are in the MacLean’s listing of small principally undergraduate universities.

            In this same estimates document, Brandon University Board can’t decide among a number of options the following: 

               “whether to provide wage increases for employees consistent with those of other parts of the province and other Canadian Universities.”

             If members of the general public are genuinely interested in why there is a strike at Brandon University they should consult the open BUFA web-page where the course of events are well documented.


    Dr. Bill Paton

    President of Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations (MOFA).

  • Unpublished Letter to the Brandon Sun. Dr. Bill Paton, President of MOFA

    To the Editors

    Brandon Sun

    In recent conversations with the media, Chief Negotiator for Brandon University, Winnipeg lawyer Mr. Grant Mitchell has suggested that BUFA is proposing a 35% salary increase over the next three years. Unfortunately, Mr. Mitchell was not asked to explain or expand on his statement. Included in the University’s last minute costings of the BUFA proposal are two very important items that result in no dollar benefit to current members of BUFA.

          The first refers to sabbatical replacements for professors on earned research leave. The situation here is well addressed by the Board of Governors in the Estimates to COPSE this fall:

            “When professors are on sabbatical leaves, the positions are rarely filled which causes scheduling problems for students in completing programs on time. It is difficult to recruit and retain faculty in an environment of high demand across the country.”

              Clearly, this is a matter with financial implications but the people who are damaged by the University’s unwillingness to even talk about it are our students. This problem in my over 30 years at BU has resulted in more students transferring to other Universities to complete degrees. The problem is particularly significant in 3-person departments and 4-person departments like Chemistry where every individual is needed every year to satisfy the degree and pre-professional requirements.

                The second series of items that have financial implications and are included in Mr. Mitchell’s 35% costings relate to a small group of people at Brandon University who are called upon every year to teach courses on a cheap contract basis. These colleagues are the equivalent in the university arena to the cheap migrant labour brought in every year to harvest our fruits and vegetables. They, at Brandon University, are guaranteed no security, no benefits or the opportunity to do research. Fortunately, at this time only a small number of individuals are in this category and BUFA would like to see their remuneration etc. improved. The improvements BUFA has proposed are being offered at a number of other institutions in the essentially undergraduate MacLean’s category.  These improvements should not be offered to our colleagues who do overload or to retired pensioned individuals who clearly are not in that extremely low income category.  

    Dr. Bill Paton,

    President of MOFA.

October 21, 2011
  • BUFA Requests Mediation.

    Today the Provincial Ministry of Finance confirmed that a provincial “mandate” or “directive” limiting faculty salaries has never existed.

    Going into today’s conciliation session, it was made clear to the Employer that they must make a meaningful improvement to their previous salary offer of 0.5-1.0-2.75% over the three year contract. BUFA’s last salary proposal was 2.9-3.0-3.25%.

    The Employer came back to negotiations with the same salary proposal, although they agreed to increase the floors and ceilings of salary grids by one increment. This would only affect about a quarter of BUFA members.

    As a consequence, the BUFA executive has concluded, with regret, that a new collective agreement cannot be reached through the conciliation process.

    The BUFA Executive has sent a letter to the Minister of Labour requesting the appointment of a provincial mediator.

    For further information contact:
    Joe Dolecki, BUFA President 727-9749
    Bill Paton, BUFA Secretary 727-1000

  • Letter of Support. Marni Harrington, University of Western Ontario

    Hi Joe,

    Please pass on my message of solidarity and support to the faculty bargaining unit at Brandon.

    I am a member of The University of Western Ontario's Faculty Association, Librarians & Archivists and having co-chaired our strike for 17 days in September, I understand that this is a very stressful, yet crucial action on behalf of your association.

    It can only be in the best interest of all faculty to remain strong and support the strike action in order to gain a fair and equitable agreement with your administration.

    In solidarity,
    -Marni Harrington

    -- Marni Harrington
    Manager, Graduate Resource Centre
    Faculty of Information and Media Studies
    The University of Western Ontario
    North Campus Building, Room 280C
    London, ON  N6A 5B7
    T:519-661-2111 x88489 F:519-661-3848
    mharring@uwo.ca | www.fims.uwo.ca

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