What is BUFA?

The Brandon University Faculty Association (BUFA) represents teaching faculty, professional faculty, coaches, and contract instructors at Brandon University. Our goal is to ensure the best possible learning environment for students through fair and equitable working conditions that provide us with the support needed to deliver high-quality education and student services.


I heard there may be a strike vote. Are faculty going on strike?

Members of BUFA are considering adopting a strike mandate. A strike mandate does not necessarily mean BUFA will strike. We will continue to meet with the university administration in the hope of reaching an agreement that will provide us with the working conditions we need to continue to deliver the high-quality education and experience students have come to expect. BUFA will share more information on whether a strike will occur as negotiations progress.

What are the issues?

BUFA members are committed to providing the best learning environment and experience for students. To achieve this, we need to be supported in our work. We need

  • a reasonable workload that allows us to do all parts of our jobs without burning out. This is about work-life balance.
  • the academic freedom to work on the complex, controversial, and sensitive issues of the day.
  • to hire and retain a faculty as diverse as our student population and make sure our collective agreement and campus are open and welcoming to everyone.
  • to make Truth and Reconciliation real through meaningful actions that value and respect the contributions of Indigenous faculty.
  • competitive salaries and good benefits that keep up with cost of living to help recruit and retain the best people.

How do the issues discussed at the bargaining table impact my overall student experience?

  • Fair workload means that time spent with students is focused on students; faculty need adequate time to prepare and deliver high-quality courses and services and to evaluate student progress.
  • A free academic environment means that students benefit from open discussions without censorship and exploration of complex topics.
  • A diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment means that students from all backgrounds are welcomed and included by an equally diverse faculty.
  • Putting Truth and Reconciliation into practice through meaningful action means that students learn in an environment where First Nations, Métis, and Inuit knowledges are taught and the voices of Indigenous students and faculty are included and respected.
  • Fair compensation means that students do not lose access to programs, courses, and services because faculty are leaving BU for better pay elsewhere.

What would a strike mean for me?

If a strike becomes necessary to preserve the quality of education at Brandon University, all courses, labs, and placements taught by BUFA members would be suspended and access to librarians, Student Services professionals, and other professional supports and services would be halted for the duration of the strike. 


How long would a strike last?

BUFA remains available to meet with the Brandon University administration to continue negotiations and reach a deal. If a strike occurs, its length would depend on how negotiations progress and on when we can reach a fair deal that protects high-quality education at Brandon University. 

Is there anything that I can do to help support BUFA?

Follow BUFA on social media or our website (see the links below) to keep up to date on progress of negotiations and how you can help. Student support is invaluable in achieving a fair and equitable resolution to negotiations.

You can also participate in a letter writing campaign to ask the President, Dr. Docherty, to get a fair deal done quickly. It’s quick and easy, just follow this link, and a model letter is already written for you! Send a letter

Could a strike impact the academic term or exam schedule?

Depending on the length of a strike, it is possible that the academic term schedule and exam dates would be revised. The BUFA negotiating team is working hard to reach a fair deal as quickly as possible; we view a strike as a last resort and will only take that option if there’s no other way to reach a fair deal.

I am an international student; what would a strike mean for my status as a study permit holder?

Your status as a study permit holder would not be affected; however, at the same time a strike could delay your course completion or graduation plan. You would need to continue to have valid status as a student in Canada to be able to return to class after a strike is over.


What would happen to our courses, labs, and tutorials?

If there is a strike, BUFA members would not teach courses, labs, or tutorials, so expect them to be postponed. All course/lab/placement instructors are BUFA members.


What would happen if I have to access campus?

BUFA members understand that there may be reasons why students need to access campus. Students living or working on campus or those using spaces or facilities should not feel obligated to avoid campus. BUFA members would appreciate your signs of support as you encounter picketing faculty and will treat you with respect and compassion.

Where can I get more information about the status of negotiations?

Watch BUFA’s social media channels. Also, check out the rest of this webpage for more information!