Sessional Instructors

This page contains information that is useful for sessional instructors at Brandon University.

Your sessional representative on the BUFA executive is Ben Davis (Visual Art). Please contact him by email if you have any questions or if you would like to be on the sessional email list. Also contact your sessional representative or the webmaster if you have ideas for the content of this page.

Important Information for External Sessional Instructors

Two articles in the current C.A. are very important for sessional instructors to be aware of.

1. Sessional Appointments (Article 7.13)

Of particular interest is the subsection dealing with Right of First Refusal which is as follows:

7.13.b.iii) Right of First Refusal If as per (b) (i), a person has been issued at least one (1) external sessional appointment for each of four (4) consecutive academic years, for the same course of three (3) student credit hours or more, that person shall have the Right of First Refusal (RFR) for subsequent external sessional contracts offered for one (1) offering of that course per academic term. In the Faculty of Health Studies, the RFR does not apply to clinical practice or field placement courses. The first academic year to be considered for building RFR entitlement is 2012-13, with the following exception. Persons who as of January 1, 2012 have been issued at least one (1) appointment for each of the previous four (4) consecutive academic years for the same three (3) or more student credit hour course shall be eligible for the RFR for that course as at May 1, 2014, subject to the external sessional member having taught the course at least once from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 and at least once from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. Where one or more members hold a competing RFR, the department shall recommend a rank order among those holding the RFR and the Dean shall determine order of priority.

Once the RFR is achieved, the individual must teach the same course of three (3) credit hours or more at least once during every two (2) academic years in order to maintain the RFR. For the purpose of this provision, the two-year period is defined as starting on September 1 and ending twenty four (24) months later on August 31.

The individual may apply to the Dean to extend this maintenance period for a maximum of one additional academic year in the following circumstances:

  1. appointment to a full-time term faculty position at Brandon University or another post-secondary institution;
  2. the course is not offered on a sessional basis during the academic year in question or another person with the RFR was appointed to teach the course;
  3. absence to upgrade academic qualifications;
  4. absence for maternity/parental purposes;
  5. extended illness;
  6. other approved absences; and
  7. appointment(s) within the two-year maintenance period to teach another course in the department.
2. Professional Development Expense Reimbursement (Appendix H: Other Allowances)

In addition to course stipend increases, in the last round of negotiations we obtained improvements for external sessional instructors with respect to access to a pool of funds for professional development. The language reads as follows:

H.1.d) In support of sessional development, the Employer shall make available, on an annual and university-wide basis, a pool of funds equivalent to the stipend of eighteen (18) sessional credit hours. External sessional members with contracts exceeding three (3) credit hours in an academic year may make application through their respective Dean/Director to access this fund in a manner similar to full-time faculty members. No external sessional member may receive more than ten percent (10%) of their total sessional salary in an academic year, up to a maximum of $2,000.

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